Monday, May 24, 2010

Heart of the Matter - You are Unique

You are Unique

In this planet of billions of people, you may feel unimportant, unheard, unnoticed. I want to remind you that in a sea of faces on this earth, you are unique and important. Do something for me, look at your thumb.

That's the proof that you are unique. Your thumbprint is like no one else. You may be a twin, or choose a hair style like someone else, dress like a celebrity you like, etc, but know this - you are uniquely you.

If I was to take a group of people to a county fair and ask them to tell me the one thing they noticed, everyone would give me a different answer. So, not only are you the only person that is uniquely you, you notice things that no one else does. If you were not here, we would miss out on so much. You are important to all of us.

Have you considered the fact that you being born is actually a miracle. So many couples I know are going to infertility clinics trying to get pregnant. Just the fact that you were conceived is a miracle. When couples become pregnant, it can be an anxious time during pregnancy. I know so many couples who have miscarried (including my wife), it can be a very anxious time.

So, when you were born, it was a miracle.

I know that some have health issues and challenges, but consider some incredible facts about your body;

  • The muscles involved in focusing your eyes move around 100,000 times a day. If you wanted to give your leg muscles the same workout, you would need to walk 80km (50 miles) every day.
  • It takes 60 seconds for one human blood cell to make a complete circuit of the body.
  • It takes six months for each finger and toenail to grow from base to tip.
  • Do you know what receives approximately 90 percent of all our information to our brains? Our eyes, making us basically visual creatures.
  • In our body, the longest bone is the 'femur', in the thigh. It makes up almost one quarter of the body's total height.
  • To contrast, the smallest bone is the 'stirrup', deep in the ear. It is hardly larger than a grain of rice.
I could keep going, but really take time to consider how amazing the human body we live in, is. You are an amazing creation.

No matter what your state of life is today. You may have health issues, relationship issues, job issues, financial issues, but know this;

You are Unique

You are Important

You are a Miracle

You are an Amazing Creation

With that in mind, how will it change the day you now have before you?

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